Closing Sales For Landowners: 3 Tips To Consider

Navigating through the real estate market is never an easy task. Selling a home can be challenging enough as it is, but the process pales in comparison to land selling. One might say that selling a home is easier to do, especially since prospective buyers already have an idea of what to do with the property—and can picture themselves living in the spaces.

Seeing an empty lot of land, however, is an entirely different story. Imaginations will need to be cranked up, but this does not mean land for development isn’t sellable—it can be more lucrative than selling a home, especially since the possibilities are endless.

Most will argue the opposite, but land selling is truly just about understanding the nature of the concept. It’s a niche market, one that entails a different kind of homebuyer. These people are not in a hurry to move in and are looking for opportunities—not a home. There’s also less traffic here, but those willing to purchase land are in it for the long haul.

Making a sale shouldn’t be as intimidating as it seems—here’s everything you need to know to succeed in closing land sales:

Tip #1: Work on knowing your potential buyers like the back of your hand

Your buyers enter this niche market for a reason—they want to purchase a property. But for what reason? Would they like to build a residential home, or perhaps develop the land into a lucrative business? You’ll need to carefully consider their needs, and the best way to do that is to simply converse. Understand their goals and agenda, and then choose which lands can work best for them.

If your clients wish to retire soon and are setting out to find the right location, you may want to introduce them to a lot in the countryside. A middle-aged professional will likely want a piece of land in the city for a business venture. The key here is to know which land in your listings will work best for their given needs.

Tip #2: Consider location

Given that you’re not selling a home or an already established property, you’ll need to highlight the sole strength of the land—its location. This is the unique value proposition your clients are looking for, as they’ll want something flexible and valuable. Keep in mind that this will also serve as the main determinant of the land’s overall value, so consider other features you can highlight. Make sure to include the following in to your listings:

  • Nearby establishments

  • Transportation

  • Neighbourhood

  • Other facilities

Tip #3: Remember the value of aesthetics

Before arranging trips to the land with your clients, it’s best to first clean it up. Make sure to enlist the help of professionals, who can then cut the overgrown weeds and grass.

They’ll also remove any trash that may have accumulated, as well as incorporate nice touches, including flowers and shrubs. The goal here is to make the place as presentable as possible, enough to continue piquing their interest.

Work With The Right Property Developers

Selling your land property may entail a lot of work, but it’s always worth it. It takes a little grit and patience to see success, but the tips above can help you do more. When it comes down to it, however, enlisting the help of a professional is always appealing. Those who specialise in land sales will know the market better than you ever can, and will work to help you get a reasonable price. In such a niche market, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

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