How to Go About Selling Your Land in the Best Possible Way

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Are you a landowner in need of cash? Have you found yourself thinking, “I want to sell my land for development”? Perhaps you’ve been trying to sell your land for a while now and haven’t gotten any buyers? Things can be confusing and/or daunting; it’s understandable.

Here are tips on the best ways to go about selling your land.

Make sure you understand your target market

The first thing you need to do is research your potential buyers. Look at their motivations for purchasing land. Figure out exactly what kind of land they need. Are the majority looking for someone selling land for development? Do they want to build a home or a business?

Once you’ve figured out what they want, gather the data so you can provide it to them. Contact local authorities about zoning laws, water capacity, sewer system, and the like. Ask people who live nearby about what the area is like. Is the cell signal good? How is the foot traffic?

Use the data you’ve gathered to highlight the best features of your land. For example, if you discover that the majority of buyers are looking to build a house, you could advertise how close your lot is to a school, a hospital or other amenities. Should the buyers be looking primarily to build businesses, you could emphasise foot traffic in the area.

Price your land correctly

To find out how much you should sell your land for, try to check how much it was sold for previously. You can then compare your land’s price to similar properties being sold in the region. This will establish a basis from which you can build. Should this information be unavailable to you, you can always contact a real estate firm and get an appraisal.

Make the most of digital marketing

In this modern age, digital marketing has become more prominent, and many properties are sold through the internet. The amount of people you can reach with social media is truly staggering. It is a valuable asset and one you should leverage.

Join as many property and real estate-focused groups as possible. These groups, more often than not, allow members to post advertisements about their properties. Remember to use high-definition pictures and the information you gathered to highlight the most attractive parts of your property. Provide all the pertinent information about your property, such as zoning laws, water capacity, sewer system, cell signal and more.

Besides social media, there are also online property listings you can participate in. These function very much like normal listings, but they reach a larger audience.

Have your land undergo an upgrade

Even though you are selling an empty lot, there are still ways you can improve upon it. You can do things like install fences and ensure the land is cleared of debris and trash. This will make it more marketable to potential buyers.


Selling land can be rather difficult if you aren’t prepared. Remember that knowledge is power. Gather data from social media or online listings, then use the data to refine your approach and watch as you gain an influx of buyers.

If you’re constantly thinking of “I want to sell my land for development”, contact Magna Property Developments today! We have the vision to create quality modern homes in great locations across Dorset and Hampshire.