The Right Way to Sell Land Property For Cash

Every land owner knows that good property is not easy to come by. If you have a nice piece of land in a good location, you can all but guarantee that someone will come along who wants to purchase it for the right place.

Unfortunately, not all leads are good ones, and not all buyers are the right fit for such a sale. You may run into a couple of folks that will express interest, but won’t put a price on it or bargain with you for much less. To stop wasting your time, here is what you need to know to sell your property:

Set a Fair Price

Land generally appreciates and grows more valuable with time. However, there are external factors that can come into play and devalue your land. Whether new train tracks run parallel to your line or a small factory emitting smoke is now nearby, sometimes the price you bought it for is no longer how much it’s worth. You need to figure out how much your land is worth today.

A good way to set a fair price is to consider looking around the neighborhood. If it’s in an area that is high-demand, then it should be up there at costs. Land near school districts, parks, hospitals, and groceries are those that attract families, making them a desirable pick for most developers. However, a property that is off the beaten path or in an undesirable area of town may fetch a lower price.

Don’t Leave Out any Details

When it comes to selling something like land, you have to be plain honest. It’s a big purchase, so buyers need to make an informed decision before going through with it. Your listing has to be simple yet concise and detailed.

In terms of specifications, indicate how big your property is. It also helps to know how it’s been used prior to selling (e.g. residential or commercial space). And of course, don’t be shy about price details and mode of payments accepted. It is a business transaction. If you leave out the price, you’ll be getting inquiries but not solid offers. But if you have it out on display, only interested buyers will be calling you because they know what to expect when buying the land.

Sell Directly to Developers

While it is simple to put your land on the market listings online or in the newspaper, it is even simpler to just go directly to people who are capable of buying your property for development. These companies do this for a living, so it may not be hard to convince them to get it off your hands.


Owning land is a privilege that most people don’t get. Often people either inherit the land or they bought it for a good price but couldn’t push through with using it. Either way, there’s no use in keeping something that you don’t have the need for.

Selling your property for cash is a great way to get a practical use out of it instead of having the title for no reason. And while you can put in the work to make it up for grabs at every listing you find, the easiest way to sell it is directly to developers who want it.

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